About us

Interglossia Africana (IA) is an initiative of a group of professionals whose main objective is to contribute to professional awareness and empowerement in the areas of translation, interpreting, terminology, lexicography and intercultural communication in Africa and beyond. More specifically, it seeks, among other things:

  • to promote an exchange of relevant views, experience and information;
  • to advise on training opportunities;
  • to advise student translators, interpreters, terminologists and lexicographers on available opportunities and avenues in regard to documentation, resource persons and institutions, etc. and thus accompany them throughout their training;
  • to advise on job opportunities and new vacancies;
  • to advise researchers and practitioners on developments in the field;
  • to sensitise to models which may be worth emulating;
  • to foster highly professional and properly informed practice.

In this respect, IA invites you to take a look at its various pages as well as its news portal TCN and its online journals:  Proverbial –  A Journal on Proverb Translation in/from African Languages; Tafsiri – the African Journal of Translation and Interpreting; and Termina & Lexica – A Journal on Terminology and Lexicography in Africa.

Editorial Team

Managing Editors

  • Joseba Abaitua, University of Deusto, Spain
  • Charles Tiayon, Advanced School of Translators and interpreters (ASTI),University of Buea, Cameroon

Editorial Secretary and Post Coordinator for West Africa

  • Elisabeth De Campos, Lead City University, Ibadan, Nigeria.

5 Responses

  1. It’s great to know there’s a blog out here which could be very helpful for aspiring translators like myself. Thanks for thinking of sharing your knowledge in this way. Kudos!

  2. The idea and endeavour to put in place this website is a very great one. I congratulate the team for this wonderful initiative. I would not hesitate to contribute in any way to this great endeavour, especially when it comes to editing and publishing an on-line journal in the area of translation, interpretation and terminology.

  3. The Interglossia Africana team is very pleased to receive your encouraging comments. The sustainable success of this endeavour will very much depend on your contributions, in the form of postings, scientific articles, reviews, and management collaboration. And as you are probably aware, Interglossia Africana is also a forum for publishing scientific articles in such open source online journals, namely:
    Termina & Lexica – A Journal on Terminology and Lexicography in Africa
    Proverbial – A Journal on Proverbs in/from African Languages, and
    Tafsiri – The African Journal of Translation and Interpreting
    For more information on these, please see https://interglossiaafricana.wordpress.com/the-online-journal/
    We look forward to receiving your contributions. We would be delighted to have you on board soon.

  4. want you to send lucrative information into my box

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