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Job links

On this page, information is provided about job opportunities  which may be of interest. Browsers are hereby invited to enrich the page by sending their ownwell-motivated contributions to interglossiaafricana@gmail.com.
Some of the latest Interglossia Africana news on job opportunities will be found at:
Many more opportunities are available at the following addresses:


3 Responses

  1. To be very candid this website is stunning I have been going through it and every thing I see in it leaves me salivating.This is the ideal site for an African student translator as well as senior translators,such efforts should be lauded.Big up to the team.

  2. I would like to be informed of all jobs opportunities available.

  3. This website is welcomed in the same way a new born baby is. All efforts to create such a mind-enriching site are highly lauded. A big thank you to all the intellectuals who put two and two together to bring about this site. This way trainee translators can keep their hopes up.

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